Consulting Services

Nova’s team has world-leading experience in assessing, designing, delivering and maintaining real-world marine energy projects – including tidal stream, wave and energy storage systems.


Drawing on our proven track record we utilise practical and integrated engineering, consenting and environmental expertise to support clients in developing and delivering marine energy sites and systems safely and cost-effectively.


Our consulting services include:


  • Full lifecycle support for marine energy projects, from project development to decommissioning

  • Critical friend support for technology developers and project developers

  • Technical due diligence for marine energy devices and projects

  • Assistance developing safe and cost-effective offshore operational programmes

  • Assistance to ensure that manufacturing and operational considerations are incorporated into the device design

  • Project development assistance, including in leasing, consenting, project design and grid connection.


Specifically, in marine engineering our consultants can provide (or review):


  • Engineering analyses of structural loads on marine devices

  • Assessments of device availability and performance

  • Design of marine device features to support safe deployment and retrieval (including onshore and offshore lifting, lowering and transport)

  • Engineering analyses of deployment and retrieval operations

  • Submarine cabling design, and cable stability assessments

  • Risk assessments and method statements for the safe execution of offshore operations

  • Management of offshore operations

  • System decommissioning plans.


In the areas of electrical systems and energy storage, we can provide (or review):


  • Design for onshore and offshore power electronics

  • Design for onshore balance of plant and grid connection

  • Design for power distribution and protection

  • Design for battery energy storage integration, including grid-islanding

  • Design for hardware instrumentation

  • Design for monitoring and control systems

  • Control system software and testing plans

  • Monitoring data storage and analysis.


Regarding consenting and environmental aspects, we can support:


  • Engagement with seabed owners and marine regulators

  • Development of seabed lease applications

  • Development of marine licence applications

  • Development of onshore planning consent applications

  • Development of environment impact assessment scoping reports, to optimise the efficiency and cost-effectiveness of the consenting and environmental impact assessment processes

  • Procurement and management of environment impact assessments.





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