Nova M100

The Nova M100 is our proven 100 kW tidal turbine with a conventional geared drivetrain. Our M100 horizontal axis turbines have been deployed and operational at Nova’s Bluemull Sound site since 2016.​

Designed for safe, reliable and low-cost delivery of electricity at the widest range of sites globally, key features of the Nova M100 include:

  • Seabed mounted: an invisible power station mounted on the seabed using a simple rock-solid gravity based sub-structure.  No impact on shipping or navigation. Minimal environmental footprint with no requirement for drilling.​

  • Two-blade rotor: allows turbines to be safely handled on low-cost vessels with widened weather windows for deployment.

  • Simple and efficient blades: our market-leading variable speed rotor design provides highly efficient bi-directional conversion of tidal flows without the need to yaw the turbine or pitch the blades – completely removing two of the most significant potential failure modes (as currently witnessed on wind turbines).

  • Off-the-shelf components: reduce cost and maximise turbine reliability by using warrantied components from blue-chip manufacturers.​​​

  • Modular system: allows tidal power stations to be containerised and easily transported to sites across the globe. Easily installed using available local infrastructure and vessels.

Nova M100 Figures*


Rated capacity: 100 kW

Design life: 20 years

Rotor diameter: 9 metres

Rotor speed: 15 to 25 rpm

Mounting: gravity seabed base 

Starting tidal speed: 0.6 m/s

Tidal speed for rated power: 2.0 m/s


*Typical configuration: can be adjusted to optimise performance at a particular site

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