TESS - Tidal Energy Storage System

Nova Innovation has secured funding from the Scottish Government’s Low Carbon Infrastructure Programme (LCITP) to add energy storage to the Shetland Tidal Array. A key aim of the project is to demonstrate the economic and technical benefit of combining Nova’s tidal array with energy storage to overcome grid constraints, improve grid stability and facilitate the expansion of the array.


Combining tidal power with energy storage enables power to be delivered continuously to meet consumer needs. The predictability of the tide and the 6-hour generation cycle times make it the perfect partner for energy storage.


This project will allow energy generated by our tides to compete with other sources of electricity to provide low cost and predictable power from a clean, renewable source. 


In October 2018, Nova announced the integration of its tidal energy array with Tesla battery storage. For more information about the successful integration, click here.


The LCITP, supported by the European Regional Development Funding (ERDF), is accelerating the development and delivery of low-carbon infrastructure projects across Scotland. The project has the potential to facilitate the development of a Scottish supply chain in the emerging smart grid, energy storage and renewable market.

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