Shetland Tidal Array, Scotland

Bluemull Sound became home to the world’s first offshore tidal array in 2016 when Nova Innovation installed the first turbines in the array at the site. 


The turbines in the array have been powering homes and businesses for more than four years.  As part of the EnFAIT project Nova is doubling the capacity of the Shetland Tidal Array from three to six turbines. Nova’s added the fourth turbine to the array in 2020.  The new direct-drive turbine slashes the cost of tidal energy by a third – making tidal energy cost competitive with fossil fuels.


The EnFAIT project has been driving the commercialisation of the tidal energy sector by improving reliability, reducing costs, and boosting the sector’s ‘bankability’. The pan-European consortium involved in the project has been instrumental in driving down costs.


The project has been delivered with over 80% Scottish supply chain content, demonstrating Nova’s commitment to local supply chain engagement.​

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