Transforming the power of our seas into clean predictable energy 


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Nova Innovation is a world-leading tidal energy company; transforming the power of our seas into clean, predictable electricity. We design, build and operate tidal turbines that generate electricity from the natural ebb and flow of the tide.


Our underwater turbines have zero visual impact and work in harmony with the marine environment, with no barriers or barrages.


Tidal energy is an abundant, predictable and clean source of energy. Our technology can be installed in deep water, shallow water, estuaries and large rivers; creating a global opportunity for this vast untapped market.


In 2016, we installed the world’s first offshore tidal array – three turbines located in the Shetland Islands, Scotland. Our turbines have been generating clean electricity and exporting to the grid for over four years.


In 2018, we worked with Tesla to add energy storage to our tidal technology. This created the world’s first grid connected tidal power station with the ability to deliver baseload (constant, steady-state) power and deliver energy on demand to meet consumer needs.



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